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Want to try Virtual Reality? We will come to your home or workplace so you can experience room scale VR.

Want to give VR a real go?


Ever feel like maybe you’re missing out on the current wave of virtual reality?

Well, it’s not about to disappear any time soon, but the sooner you give it a go, the sooner you can start to understand what makes this medium so compelling. It’s the sort of thing that is hard to describe if you haven’t tried it.

So your best option at this stage is to give it a real go.

We offer a service where we will bring a complete, room-scale, virtual reality setup to you.

We will facilitate a full day or virtual reality exploration, including consulting with you and your team before the day, to find out what you’re into. We have hundreds of the latest VR programs.

The headset we use is the HTC vive, which we believe is currently the best consumer virtual reality hardware available. It offers the largest trackable volume with the most accurate and reliable tracking to create the most realistic and immersive feeling virtual worlds to date.

All you need to provide is power and a room that is about 2.5 metres square, or bigger.

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A one hour demo is free! We will bring a small cable-free demo unit to you which you can jump straight into to see what all the hype is about.

But if you want the richest high end experience and want a decent amount of time to check it out, it’s $375 for a full day including all the gear, a guide, setup, and consultation with you and your team before the day of the booking, to find out what you’re into.

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